Best Degree Courses to Pursue in Singapore


In Singapore, a degree is significant, and almost everyone has one. You will get better pay, but chances of getting employed after university are always high. Although there are many degree courses to choose from, ranging from business, arts and science, etc., not all degree courses, suit everybody’s academic abilities and interests. Therefore, here is a list of degree courses in Singapore to pursue that offer the best future career prospects.


This is the most prestigious course in Singapore that will last you a lifetime career in one of the top hospitals in the country. A career in medicine will not only allow you to help people but at the same time grow financially with each promotion. If you have good communication skills and fast learner, this degree course is for you.


Accountants are always needed everywhere, and it is one of the hottest degree courses in Singapore. I don’t think anyone doesn’t know what an accountant does. If you feel like numbers are your strong suit, go for accounting because it has become a career path that many people prefer due to its stability.


Many of us dream about being a lawyer or judge simply because it sounds “cool.” However, our chances of becoming celebrities are slim unless we have connections. Despite that, there is no doubt that the law will allow you to be financially stable with each promotion and provide you with an independent mindset. It is one of the best degree courses in Singapore that you should consider. Naturally, if you like to argue and debate with people, go for law because that’s what you will be doing every day of your life.

Computer Science

It is a fact that everything today runs on computers and this trend will last long into the future. Computer science is definitely for you if you are good with computers and want a stable career in an ever-evolving industry. However, do not go for computer science if you cannot handle stress because that is the only disadvantage of this degree course.


This degree course is perfect for those who enjoy interacting with people and flair for numbers. Many businesses, such as finance, marketing, etc., all require some form of mathematical ability, which comes naturally to people who took this degree course. Business is one of the most sorted after degree courses in Singapore because it provides stability and good prospects in the ever-growing economy.

Art and Design

Although the future career prospects of people who take this degree course are not as good as those in business, it is still a popular choice among Singaporean students today. Before you decide to go for an art and design course, ask yourself whether you are willing to work under pressure and lack stability. If you can handle those two things, go for it because there are many perks of being an art and design graduate in Singapore.

Social Sciences

Most people might not know this, but nowadays, social sciences are the most competitive degree course. You may think that you have no chance of getting into a reputable university if you had taken arts or history in your secondary school, but that’s where you are wrong. More than half of the students in Singapore who graduated in social sciences had taken arts in their secondary school. If you have a flair for writing and debating, go for this degree course because it provides good prospects with each promotion.


As you can see, there are many degree courses in Singapore to choose from depending on your academic abilities and interests. No matter what course you decide to take, remember that it does not define who you are as a person unless you let it.


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