The Most Hilarious Complaints We’ve Heard About light blue nail colors


I think the best color to use for nail polish is light blues like blue, blue-gray, or blue-green. This is because they are the least reflective of all the colors we have at our disposal. All colors reflect light differently, so if you use a light blue you won’t have to worry about the color changing and you’ll have the same shade for every color you apply.

I love blue nails. If I could just get a blue nail polish, I would be super happy. So, what did I learn? Blue nails are the perfect shade for a lot of things. They reflect light, they are low on the sun, and they are the perfect shade for most types of nail polish. No wonder they are the official color of the United States’ Department of Defense.

For example, if you want to paint your nails the same shade as your lips, the only way to get that shade is to use a light blue polish. The only problem is that the light blues have the tendency to fade over time as they age. As long as you buy a new color every two years or so, you’ll be fine. The only downside of this is that you’ll never know what shade your nails will end up being when you’re done.

This is also why you should never, ever wash your nails with a polish that you bought new. For every blue light, there are four mediums and five dark ones. One of the mediums will take the place of your light blue polish and youll still have a different shade, but it wont have the same quality. And the other ones will just be shades that you didnt like.

And for that exact reason, I don’t recommend painting your nails with the same color every week.

So that’s why I don’t recommend painting your nails every week.

I think you can get away with pretty much any color every week. The only thing to watch out for is if you mix colors that tend to bleed together and if you mix them with a similar color. In the end though, the only thing that really matters is how it looks on your nails. Do you like it? If you do, go with it, but do not go crazy with it. If you do, paint your nails every week.

I mean if you really do it that way you might as well just paint one color instead of two. I mean its a bit of a hassle.

I find that I’m always looking for the way to go green, the way to go blue, the way to go red. But really I have to stop myself from being too picky and just paint them all the time.

I feel like nails are a prime example of how colors can be subjective. I can see how people can like the same shades of nail polish for different colors if they want to, but that is just not a good way to think about color. The color of your nails can be changed by the light, weather, time of day, the use of polish, and of course the weather.


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