Easily Download ‘Po Urave’ Song Online


Are you a fan of the hit Tamil song “Po Urave” from the movie Kaatrin Mozhi? If you are looking to download this popular track online, you have come to the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the various platforms where you can easily download the song “Po Urave” and enjoy it on your preferred device. Let’s dive right in!

Introduction to Po Urave Song

Po Urave” is a soulful and melodious song from the Tamil movie Kaatrin Mozhi, composed by the talented music director A.H. Kaashif. With heartwarming lyrics by Madhan Karky and soothing vocals by Sid Sriram, this track has captured the hearts of many music lovers.

Where to Download Po Urave Song

1. Official Music Platforms

The most reliable way to download “Po Urave” is through official music platforms such as:

  • iTunes: You can purchase and download the song from the iTunes Store.

  • Google Play Music: This platform also provides a legal and easy way to download and listen to the song offline.

2. Streaming Platforms

If you prefer streaming over downloading, you can listen to “Po Urave” on popular platforms like:

  • Spotify: You can stream the song on Spotify and even create your playlist with it.

  • Apple Music: Subscribe to Apple Music and enjoy unlimited streaming of “Po Urave.”

3. YouTube

YouTube is another option where you can find the song “Po Urave” along with its lyrical videos. While downloading directly from YouTube is against its policies, you can use third-party tools to download the audio.

Steps to Download Po Urave Song

If you decide to download the song from platforms like iTunes or Google Play Music, follow these general steps:

  1. Search for the song: Type “Po Urave” in the search bar of the platform you are using.

  2. Purchase or Download: Click on the song, and you will see options to either purchase it or download it, depending on the platform.

  3. Quality Selection: Some platforms may offer different quality options for downloading. Choose the one that suits your preference.

  4. Offline Enjoyment: Once downloaded, you can listen to “Po Urave” offline on your device anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I download “Po Urave” for free from any website?

No, downloading the song for free from unauthorized websites is illegal and supports piracy. It is recommended to use official platforms to download or stream the song legally.

2. Is it possible to set “Po Urave” as my ringtone?

Yes, you can set “Po Urave” as your ringtone by using the settings on your smartphone. Some platforms also offer the option to purchase ringtones.

3. Are there any remix versions of “Po Urave” available for download?

You can find various covers and remix versions of “Po Urave” on platforms like YouTube and SoundCloud. However, for the original version, it is best to use official sources.

4. Can I download “Po Urave” on multiple devices with a single purchase?

Yes, once you purchase the song from platforms like iTunes or Google Play Music, you can download it on multiple devices linked to your account.

5. How can I ensure the downloaded file is of good quality?

By downloading the song from official platforms, you can be assured of the quality. Make sure to choose the highest available quality option while downloading.

In conclusion, downloading the song “Po Urave” online is a straightforward process when done through authorized platforms. Enjoy the enchanting melody of this track by following the steps mentioned above, and remember to always support the artists by accessing their music legally. Happy listening!


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