Bybit Review – Is It Legit and Trustworthy?


Bitcoin futures may be traded on ByBit, a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange that offers perpetual futures trading. Leverage up to 100x with ByBit to open positions. The exchange has a stated uptime of 99.99 percent, reasonable rates, and customer service appears to be responsive to concerns.

In addition, Bybit does not yet need a user to submit a KYC to access its services. There is currently no way for US citizens to trade on the Bybit exchange. That sums up ByBit. Continue reading for an in-depth analysis of the Bybit review:

What Is Bybit?

To trade futures with substantial leverage in BTC/USD, ETH/USD, XRP/USD, EOS/USD, and perpetual BTC/USDT contracts on the Bybit exchange. A thorough investigation of the Bybit cryptocurrency exchange reveals that it functions and provides a reliable platform for futures trading.

Bybit’s Features

Although the exchanges have many similarities, Bybit has added certain unique features that might make them more appealing.

Three contract alternatives are available for trading derivatives goods, including Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, on the Bybit exchange.

  • Perpetual Inverse Perfection
  • USDT Perpetual is the currency of choice
  • Futures That Aren’t What They Seem

All trading features, including cross- and isolated margin trading, are accessible. Using the cross-margin option, Bybit enables leverage trading at 100X, which cannot be adjusted.

Using Bybit to place limit orders and advanced orders such as Good ’til Cancelled (IOC order), Fill or Kill, and Immediate or Cancel (IOC order). With Advanced Order Forms, you can get to your orders quickly and easily.

Data analysis features such as price moving averages, moving average indicators, and monthly price range may be accessed through the application. Funding data, particular index prices, rolling volatility chart, BTC daily realized volatility, market analysis, and the most recent news are all included in the data set.

The Dual Price Mechanism and Perpetual Futures

Unlike spot and futures contracts, a perpetual futures contract never expires. Optimizing profits is essential. When Bybit connects with the MetaTrader 4 forex trading platform, it intends to provide quarterly futures contracts and subaccounts.

Because of the Dual Price Mechanism, traders are shielded from price or trade manipulation that might result in significant losses if positions are liquidated owing to insufficient margin or a requirement at the current market price.


  • There is no requirement for a new user to fill out a KYC form. Starting a trading account is simple.
  • Trading may be accessed via a desktop computer or a mobile device via an app.
  • High leverage, low costs, and a refund for market makers make Bybit an attractive trading option.
  • Has a guarantee from the Insurance Fund to reduce and cover losses.
  • There are various order types, including limit, partial, conditional, and market orders.
  • Coin and USDT are used to settle derivative contracts.
  • Ample monetary rewards
  • Crypto derivatives trading volumes are among the top three established exchanges in terms of volume.
  • When compared to other exchanges, Bybit fees are among the lowest.


  • There is a restricted amount of trading pairs to choose from.
  • There is a lack of oversight.
  • Trade is not permitted for US citizens.
  • The veracity of trading volume figures cannot be confirmed.

Bybit Fees

Users can be categorized as either ‘Makers’ or ‘Takers,’ depending on whether or not they create content. The order book is squeezed dry by market makers, who offer liquidity and market depth. In contrast, takers’ orders are completed instantly as a market order, but makers’ orders aren’t immediately filled. There are incentives for market makers to provide access to liquidity and breadth of market information.

Is Bybit Safe? 

Is Bybit Safe? Let’s have a deep look. For Bybit to be successful, security is a significant concern and the company’s primary priority. Users’ crypto assets are protected thanks to the following methods the exchange is employing:

  • Because it is a derivative trading platform, it is automatically protected from fiat-crypto exchange hazards and ICO/IEO-associated securities regulatory issues.
  • It is feasible to eliminate counterparty and performance concerns because Bybit has proven long-term profitability.
  • The maximum order and position size is restricted by a bit.
  • In the event of market manipulation, the dual pricing mechanism protects traders against incorrect liquidations and guarantees a fair trading environment.
  • BitUniverse’s “Exchange Transparent Assets” initiative allows anybody to inspect Bybit’s platform assets.
  • Users’ assets are promptly reconciled and monitored by Bybit.
  • An independent internal control business line keeps track of all on- and off-chain financial transfers and responds immediately if there is a problem.


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