A Complete Guide to American Whiskey


Whiskey created in the USA is simply one component of American whiskey. Its rich culture, history, and influences that have influenced it over the millennia are, in fact, what define it.

American single malt whiskey is created completely of malted barley and can be matured in new oak casks, used oak barrels, occasionally ex-Bourbon barrels, and occasionally other barrels altogether.

What is American Whiskey?

More than merely whiskey distilled in the United States can be termed American whiskey. Actually, there are some requirements to follow in order to qualify as American whiskey under the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau’s Federal Standard of Identity for Distilled Spirits.

First off, whiskey is created comprised of grains that have been blended and fermented to make a mash. Specified sorts of whiskey will need to comply to certain levels, and the proportions of various types of grain used are known as a “mash bill.”

The mash must be distilled to a maximum alcohol by volume (ABV) of 80 percent for the large majority of American whiskeys. The ABV of generic American whiskey, which doesn’t include any of the characteristics specified in the varieties below, can reach up to 95 percent .

What Is an American Single Malt whiskey?

A single distillery that employs malted barley as the only grain in the mash bill creates a single malt whiskey, according to the basic definition. Single malts are created all across the world, although they are most usually found in Scotland.

American whiskey kinds

Tennessee whiskey ranks in second place behind bourbon whiskey as the most well-known American whiskey. But as distilleries flourish from North Dakota to Utah, Texas to Washington, the entire nation has gained. In fact, the artisan whiskey industry has developed so much in recent years that the US has become one of the most sought-after exporting nations.


Bourbon is to the United States. Although it may originate from any state as long as it includes at least 51 percent corn and is aged in new barrels, Kentucky produces the majority of it. The conventional mash bill (i.e., recipe) comprises around 75 percent maize, 15 percent rye, and 10 percent barley, although rye is replaced with wheat in heated bourbons like Maker’s Mark to further soften the flavour.

Tennessee whisky

This product is just bourbon with the addition of the Lincoln County Process, which includes filtering it through ten feet of sugar-maple charcoal after distillation. The reason Jack Daniel’s whiskey is the most popular whiskey in the world is because it is easy to drink and has a sweet aftertaste.

Corn Whiskey

Uncertain of the taste of this young whiskey? Moonshine, ruckus juice, and mule kick are some of its nicknames. This beverage is more delightful to eat if you recount the following tale: Disgruntled distillers migrated to locations with sufficient maize when a whiskey tax was established in 1791, where they started manufacturing whiskey.

Micro distilled

Micro distillers routinely experiment with whiskeys that don’t suit the legal standards of the ones described above, generating everything from copies of American whiskeys from the eighteenth century to a blend of Georgia peach juice and bourbon mash. Whether you like that or not, you have to applaud the rebellious, innovative mindset that helped make American whiskey what it is today.


Rye delivers a wonderful punch and was originally the American whiskey. It is bitter and spicy, akin to rye bread as opposed to corn bread. Rye, as opposed to barley, was simpler to raise here, according to European immigrants (the major component in scotch) (the main ingredient in scotch). Then why isn’t it more widespread? Drinkers gained a taste for the bourbon’s milder flavour following Prohibition. The whiskey of choice for those in the know, rye has lately undergone a huge rebirth.

How should I take my dram?

It actually doesn’t make a difference whether you drink Scotch or American whiskey. It normally produces a fairly diversified flavour profile, though.

There aren’t any specific restrictions on how to consume American whiskey, unlike Scotch, because it is substantially less expensive and of significantly lesser quality.

Naturally, it’s a good idea to follow the usual standards while sampling exceptional American whiskeys like Pappy Van Winkle, Blanton’s, Woodford Reserve, or Balcones.


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