7 Delicious Foods You Can Make With Mexican Oregano

Mexican Oregano

Whether you are passionate about it or simply want to impress a potential significant other, cooking up dishes can be pretty enjoyable. You get to explore different and exquisite flavors, tastes, and textures. Not to mention, depending on the origin of the recipe you are cooking, you will get a brief insight into the culture of its country. After all, food is a part of each country’s culture as they have their unique signature recipes or ingredients. For instance, you get a glimpse of Italian culture when making Italian dishes. Or, with the right atmosphere or mood, you will feel like you are in France when you savor French recipes.

Mexico also offers exquisite flavors. With spices like Mexican oregano, their dishes become savory, satisfying, and mouth-watering. To help you explore more Mexican flavors at your home, here are seven recipes you can try making with Mexican oregano.

1. Chicken and Mushroom Chimichangas

Let us start with a classic Texan-Mexican dish that even a fictional talkative mercenary with a rapid healing factor genuinely enjoys. People would often make a classic deep-fried chimichanga with a spicy filling of pork, chicken, or beef, and many like to serve it with a side of sour cream, green chili sauce, or melted cheese as an appetizer. 

But to heighten its Mexican flavors, you should try making a chicken and mushroom chimichanga! Mexican oregano improves the already hearty flavors of this pan-fried variation. Add in some juicy chicken, mushrooms, and pepper jack cheese, then serve it with guacamole, sour cream, or salsa.

2. Seafood Enchiladas con Queso

Do you enjoy a creamy and satisfying Mexican seafood dish? If you do, then you should try this seafood enchilada con queso! Generally, you can fill enchiladas with meat, beans, cheese, potatoes, vegetables, and many more. But for this creamy version, the main filling of this classic Mexican dish consists of shrimp and scallops.

Meanwhile, you can make the creamy sauce of this dish with Monterey Jack cheese. This sauce complements the delicious flavors of red bell pepper, green bell pepper, jalapeno pepper, Anaheim peppers, and of course, Mexican oregano. And lastly, the filling is covered with flour tortillas. Altogether, these ingredients make for a hearty Mexican dish!

3. Mexican Gravy

Gravy is a general sauce or dips that many people use, especially when paired with fried, roasted, and other food. After all, this timeless condiment goes excellent with classic dishes, such as fried chicken, pot roast, hamburger steak, porkchop, and many more. And as for what is in it, gravy often consists of meat stock and wheat flour or cornstarch for added texture.

But if you want a little Southern touch on your gravy, you should try making a Mexican version! This condiment features yummy flavors made with chili and onion powder, vegetable oil, and Mexican oregano. Quick and easy to make, you will have a dip that will excellently pair with many dishes.

4. Creamy Queso Dip

Like a gravy, cheese dips are also timeless condiments, and they can go excellent with different kinds of finger food. From snacks and appetizers such as fries and mojos to hearty meals such as pizza, cheese dip is a staple if you want to ignore your diet for a while. This condiment is also an excellent dip with nachos, and to make your snacks even more authentic, try making a creamy queso dip!

Aside from the expected cheesy flavors, the creamy queso dip is unique in its added flavors. Ground cumin seeds, hot chili powder, and Mexican oregano are added to this condiment, making it a must-make if you want an authentic Mexican snack.

5. Pickled Jalapeños

Pickling is a pretty general method of preserving food. This process involves making a brine mixture of water and vinegar then covering the food material you want to save. However, it changes the taste of the edibles you want to preserve due to the vinegar. But with this pickled jalapeños recipe, the change of taste is even improved.

Water and vinegar are not the only ingredients that make this dish. Mexican oregano, allspice berries, and coriander seeds are also part of the mixture. Combining these ingredients makes the overall taste of pickled jalapeños even better. Do not forget to refrigerate it!

6. Mexican Slow-Roasted Pork

Whether you serve it for lunch or dinner, slow-roasted pork is always a great pick if you want a hearty meal. The natural textures and juiciness of pork, added with the right spices, will make for a fulfilling dish that will leave everyone’s bellies stuffed. But if you want a Mexican touch in an otherwise classic dish, you should try making this version, also referred to as Cochinita Pibil.

This dish, an iconic recipe from the Mexican Yucatan peninsula, is marinated overnight in a combination of citrus juices, garlic, and a seasoning paste made of annatto or achiote, coriander seed, Mexican oregano, and cumin. And to savor and enjoy this dish fully, add corn tortillas and pickled onions.

7. Pollo al Carbon

And lastly, depending on their diet or lifestyle, many people enjoy a hearty plate of grilled chicken. This dish is present on almost every occasion, whether it is someone’s birthday or celebrating a holiday. And although there is nothing wrong with serving a classic grilled chicken, why not add a little Mexican twist to it? It is where Pollo al carbon comes in.

Unlike several grilled chicken recipes, this Mexican dish requires ancho chile powder, dried Mexican oregano, tomatillos, and jalapeños or serrano chiles. These ingredients give the recipe a unique flavor when comparing it to other grilled dishes. And to make it even more satisfying, serve it with salsa, warm tortillas, and more cilantro.

In a Nutshell

Who would have thought that you could cook up a lot of mouth-watering and flavorful dishes with Mexican oregano? Although, these are just some of the recipes you can make with this exquisite herb. Feel free to serve them on any day, whether there is a special occasion or just another regular weekend meal. And to learn more about Mexican cuisine and spices, check out Recipes.net!


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