Ways to maintain your skin when it’s summer!


The sun is screaming to burn your skin somewhat, and somehow you do not even mind because that would mean that you most probably will be more tanned the day after. The wonderful sunlit long days mean that your skin is consciously, but also unconsciously, exposed to the sun an awful lot. Sure, a tan from time to time is not out of place, but keep in mind that it can be harmful to the appearance of your skin! Read along with us for some tips to protect your skin as best as possible.

To begin with…

Firstly, a very easy yet powerful trick; avoid the sun between 12 a.m. and 4 p.m. Why? Put simply, the sun has its strongest power and therefore, most probably will damage your skin mostly. 

Another trick, but most probably already known by you, is wearing sun protection with a high factor of SFP. Always try to buy a new sun protection every year, because the effectiveness of the protection expires when it has been open for a few months! Also, don’t forget to put on sunscreen a few times a day and certainly do not lubricate too little; better to have too much than too little. Lastly, when you are using sunscreen, do not forget to put it on sensitive places, such as your nose, or your ears (often forgotten!). 


Above tips are common knowledge yet tremendously powerful. And we guess that not even everyone follows those sun-related rules. We have some news for you; there are a lot more sun-related regulations that you should aim for when you are going to sunbath. For example, did you know that alcohol expands your vessels and that your skin is more able to burn? This means no more cocktails at the beach… Or at least; take it easy! 

Did you also know that it is of great power to lubricate with aftersun or another moisturizing lotion? Hereby can be thought of natural goods such as Aloë Vera or hemp oil (this can be bought within a wholesale CBD such as Candropharm). 

When you’re already burnt…

Make sure that you, when you have the feeling that you are red and burnt by the sun, do not go outside and sunbathe more! We see a lot of people doing this, but please make sure; DON’T! It is very bad for your skin and health! 


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