unlike consumer-focused salespeople, business-focused salespeople:


While we all want to convince people to buy from us, the reality is that it’s rarely that simple. What we want to sell is something we actually want or need. It’s often the case that we are selling the best product for the best price, but for most of us, that’s not always true. The most important thing we have to sell is our integrity and the trust of the people who we represent.

Salespeople are often the first to tell you that they can’t actually convince someone to buy something they don’t actually need. It’s often the case that they don’t have the same passion for their company that the people they’re selling to do. They don’t have the same commitment to their product, the same desire to make a difference in the world. They’re not selling their company, they’re selling themselves.

This is true of business salespeople, business-focused salespeople. Theyre selling your company, theyre selling your brand, theyre selling the reputation of your company, theyre selling the promise of the future of your company. Theyre selling you, and theyre selling the people you represent, theyre selling the integrity of your company, your brand.

Salespeople are nothing but tools of our organizations, they are not independent individuals. Theyre not our own thoughts and opinions, theyre things we do to facilitate the sale of our company. To be a salesperson is to be an integral part of our company. How you treat your salespeople is how you treat your organization, how you treat your customers.

The problem is that many sales people are self-centered and don’t have any love for the people they’re selling to. They’re only there to make a profit. They’re not even really interested in the company they’re selling to. And all their efforts and efforts of selling their company aren’t putting them in a position to make sure the people they’re selling to like them either.

This might be one of the reasons you may have trouble with building a good relationship with your salespeople. I know it takes a lot of effort to become a positive salesperson, but it can be done.

In some professions, salespeople are in a position where they have to go out and personally make the sale. That is, they have to do the sale. And if that means they have to sell the product theyre selling, then they have to set up the sales deal and make sure the product is not bad. But that doesnt mean that they dont care about the company theyre selling to. Salespeople are, after all, a company itself.

Salespeople are a form of marketing. And in a sales career, the job is to develop a strong and positive relationship with the customer. In this particular case, the salesperson has to sell the product itself, not the company. And that means he or she has to prove that the company he or she is selling to is the right one, that the product is a good fit for that company.

This is not to say that salespeople are always right. Salespeople have to be careful not to push products that don’t work for the customer. (Of course, that’s a part of being a professional salesperson. But it’s one we don’t really talk about much in sales.) The point is that sales are a function of the company, and so the salesperson has to be careful to not become a part of the company.

Business-focused salespeople are salespeople who are salespeople. They use sales techniques to help the company sell more stuff. They make sure there are lots of new and shiny products in their stores. They make sure that every week there are salespeople who really love their job. They are salespeople whose business is to sell new and shiny things that make them money.


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