my business is my business none of your business

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I don’t even mention the elephant in the room when talking to clients about my business because it is my business, it is my life, and it is my money. I don’t want to have anyone get upset by me talking about my business because the reality is that I am not trying to sell anything. I am simply sharing my experiences and knowledge that I have gleaned from working with and learning from other businesses and individuals.

But it is just that, our business is our business. Everyone has their own personal relationship with their business. That is why there is no need to try to persuade anyone about what that business is doing.

Well, if you are trying to sell a business or service, then you would be trying to persuade people to buy what you are selling. To persuade them to buy your product or service. But if you are just talking about your business and you dont care what people think, then you are doing the exact same thing. Which is why you shouldnt be selling your business, but rather trying to learn more about it. Youll learn more, which is what you should be doing.

The point is that you shouldnt be selling your business at all. But if you are selling your business as a way to help someone who is buying your service or product, then yes, you are selling that information along with it, and that is not right.

This is why I think it is important to find out about yourself. It is much easier for us to learn about ourselves and our ideas of what is right and wrong than it is to learn more about someone else. If you really want to help someone you need to be able to give them a fair shake.

Well I guess I could say it’s my business. But I think that is just a bit of a cop out. In that case, it wouldn’t be my business, it would be my life.

Some people might not be happy when they learn their business is their business, but most people would be. In fact, I read an article a long time ago about how it is better not to know about yourself than to know about yourself. It’s a well-known phenomenon, but I’m pretty sure you can still find it in a lot of places, as long as you’re reading the right ones.

That is a real phenomenon. I think its a better idea to know that you are a person, rather than being a vague idea of yourself. I mean, if you’re a generic “I have this” kind of guy, sure, you can be a generic “I have this,” but what about you? Are you an “I am” type of guy? If so, then you’re not really a person.

The business of being a person is pretty clear to me, but to understand what we mean by being a person, we need to define what we mean by it. We can’t say, “I’m a person,” because it doesn’t exist. Instead, we can say, “I am a person” or “I have this…”. By being a person, we mean having certain characteristics.

Being a person doesn’t mean that we are perfect. Being a person means that we have certain responsibilities that we have to fulfill. Being a person means being responsible for our actions and reactions to the world around us. Being a person also means that we have choices. You cant choose not to be a person if you think that you have no choice.


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