killing is my business and business is good lyrics


The fact is that I don’t kill. I’m not even like that. But the world does try to put a label on me. It tries to make me stop and think about killing. It’s an easy label to put on me. I don’t like it.

Killing is not an easy label to put on you. And it’s not an easy label to put on me. I’ve never been scared to kill. I’ve never been scared to be around people who feel the need to kill me, and I’ve never been scared to kill that person. I don’t want to be labeled a murderer, or a person who kills. I want to call myself a killer.

The problem is that labels can be a form of intimidation. They can also lead to bad behavior. So labeling yourself as a killer can actually be a form of self-protection. Because if you kill someone, then you can make your life a living hell for someone else. You can be the person who kills someone else. And you can also be the person who doesn’t kill.

That’s the point of the song. You can be both person who kills and person who doesnt kill, but you want to be both. It’s that simple. There’s no real difference.

One thing about killings is that they are both illegal. So if you get caught, you can try and kill yourself in prison. However, if you kill someone, then you get to keep your freedom. In this case, its also a form of self-protection.

In the real world, even though killing is illegal, it’s still not okay. It’s even sadder when you realise that you might be the one who’s killing someone. In the real world, it’s not okay to kill someone because they’re just a person. They don’t have rights, they’re not people. They’re just a thing that you kill.

Its not okay to kill because its not okay to kill or kill someone because they make you feel a certain way. When you kill someone, you feel good. When someone kills a person, they feel bad. Its almost like you feel responsible for their death. You feel like you have a responsibility to them. Thats why its not okay to kill someone.

This isn’t just a lyric, this is how I feel about killing someone. Its not okay. It’s not my business. It’s not good for business. And it’s not good for me.

The good thing about the lyric is that it is very true. Killing someone is a very personal and private act. It is not a business act. Its not OK. And it is not necessary. If a person tries to kill someone, you should stop them, but you don’t have to. Your actions don’t have to be dictated by some kind of social contract.

Sometimes killing is absolutely necessary. It is good for you, it is good for your survival, and it is good for your life. But if you are killing someone because they are trying to kill your family, or you are trying to kill your boss, or just to kill something, you are doing something that is wrong. You are acting against something that is universal to the human condition, and that is the very thing that makes you a human being.


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