how to change facebook business page category

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It seems like this is one of the most common requests I get on Facebook. For some reason, people want to be able to change the business category of their business page. It is definitely one of the best features I have as a brand manager.

Facebook itself doesn’t have a way to do this. Rather than creating a new category, you can do some other things to change the category. For example, you can use the business page’s About page to give a brief description of your brand on the page. This is a huge time saver because it eliminates the need for people to copy and paste a description of your brand on every page.

You can also create a new category, and assign it to a page. Facebook does this for all its pages, and will automatically put up a new category for every page you create, so you dont need to do that. This could be useful if you want to change the name of your page or add an image to the page.

This is a good idea, but it’s not a good way to change the category. To do that you’d need to do a Facebook API call, and they don’t allow you to change the category on a page. Instead, you create a new page, and assign the category to it. That could be a good way to create a page with a new category.

To be fair, the change will most likely take effect in the next 30 seconds (and I’m not sure why it hasn’t already). The new category will get added to a page, so it should be easy to change the new category.

Facebook doesn’t allow you to change the category on a page. Instead of creating a new page, you can use one of the existing pages you have on your account. You can do this by clicking the “Edit” link on the right side of your page. Then you can click on the “Change Category” link under the “Edit” option. This will take you to the Facebook page you created and assign the category to your page.

This is a bit of a problem for us, because we have an existing page on our Facebook business page that we use for our logo and branding. The category we use is “We’re a team” so it is important that we maintain that page so people can find it to find out what we do. That being said, it would be great if we could change the category, and if that didn’t work we could just do a new page.

This is something that I have been working on for a while now. I wanted to write an article about it for my site, and I figured since we do have a business page that would be cool to write about. The problem is, the category is set to be for our logo, which has a different category than the business page itself.

I have been working on this, the issue is that I am running out of time to write this article, so I will have to get back to you and update it.

I also think this new category is a bit backwards. If we had a business page, no one would care about the category, they would just look at the website. But in our case, it’s not about the category. It’s about our brand. Our logo is our brand, and this new category is not. It’s about our business page, and it should be a new category.


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